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Pretty amazing that YouTube has removed so many Patriots worldwide. Do you sense Panic in the air. Their time is up and we are all over it. My backup channel has been scrubbed of CUE information in order to keep them away for now. I am going to start uploading to here, but it will be more of the same with my opinions, intros, music and positive encouraging happenings around the world. Thank you for your support. 

OH YEAH.. have a Roku TV based system almost done. You will love it. Stay tuned. LT

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I am a retired Marine Corps broadcaster trying to bring positive videos into a very dark world. After several months of watching videos and television, my mind was constantly working on how to bring an EXPERIENCE to each viewer that I was actually hoping for in videos. My sons told me to stop talking about it and do it. It is easier said than done when you are working long hours, trying to start a new business. This channel was created with the mindset that maybe some folks would want to feel they are a part of something bigger, that they see what I see...not enough videos out there to "Enjoy the Show" as Q would say. 

Join me, show me that it is worth it...these long hours that normally take me to 3 a.m. after a long day...that those hours are touching you...that, yes, And We Know is something you want to be a part of ...

God bless you. Romans 8:28  Heal our Land


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